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Fasulo On Sony’s Upcoming Product Strategies


Sony’s Mike Fasulo
also took on some questions about the
company’s strategies in specific product
categories. Here are a few of his


What is Sony’s game plan
for dealing with shrinking TV department
real estate as more 60-inch-plus
LCD TVs hit the market?


That’s a good question and
a relevant one. There is nothing quite
like the thrill of walking into a retail
store and seeing a bright and shiny
new TV, stretched out across 62 or 65
or 70 inches, but that doesn’t mean you
have to go home with that particular TV.

I know a lot of people still consider
“showrooming” a dirty word — I’ll try to
be diplomatic and say the verdict’s still
out — but this is a great way to have
product on display and people buying
through websites on their cellphones.

Now, I don’t want to suggest a paradigm
shift in the way all retailers do
business but, you’re right, as TVs get
bigger and bigger, the question needs
to be asked: Where will we find room
for all of this product?


Are dealers getting behind
the new 4K SXRD video projector, and
what is Sony doing at the retail level
to set the foundation for growing that


Stay tuned, because this
is going to be very exciting. This is a
space we know very well and an opportunity
to drive step-up value-added


How are Sony tablet sales?
What did you learn about the introduction
and when will the next version be


I’m not comfortable making
any sweeping statements about sales of
the Tablet S and Tablet P until we have
year-over-year data, but I am comfortable
suggesting that we have been very
happy with the sales of both models.

We also learned a lot about the type
of consumer, who buys each model, as
our direct channel posted incredibly
strong numbers when it came to sales
of the Tablet S, in particular. What we
found was passionate embrace of our
first Android tablet venture by the subset
of CE consumer we’ll call “Sony loyalists.”
They loved it as much as we do.


New flagship Android
phones are becoming available in the
U.S. only as unlocked models. How is
Sony planning to step up sales through


I can’t speak for Sony Mobile
and their carrier strategy. But I can
attest to the quality of the growing portfolio
of Android phones they produce,
as well as the quality of Android products
SEL produces, such as our new
lineup of Walkman digital music players.
The mobile space is one to watch
with Sony.