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Faroudja Bows 4 Plasma TVs In 42 To 61 Inch Sizes

LAS VEGAS — Faroudja unveiled four new plasma packages with screen sizes ranging from 42 to 61 inches, and offered demos of its recently introduced DVP4000 Digital Video processor during CES.

The latter unit features HDTV cross-conversion technology, which converts analog or digital 1080i HDTV signals to progressive 1080p, then scales it to the native resolution of the display.

The new plasma packages launched at CES are the FPP-42WV20, featuring a 42-inch screen and a resolution of 852 x 480; the 42-inch 1024 x 768 model, FPP-42HD20; the FPP-50HD20, with a 50-inch screen and resolution of 1366 x 768; and the FPP-61HD20, a 61-inch model with a resolution of 1366 x 768.

All the sets use new plasma technology that boasts improved contrast ratios and an expanded set-up menu for more accurate adjustment. As part of its home theater display packages, Faroudja bundles the displays with either the DVP1500 or NRS-DVI video processor, and optimizes the package via custom set-up firmware for best performance and simplified installation. All are backed by a full four-year warranty. Packages are available at suggested retail prices ranging from $9,995 to $35,995.

The DVP4000, which includes an integrated DVD drive for a pure digital signal from the DVD to the display, uses cross-conversion technology to convert 1080i HDTV signals — as well as 480p and 720p signals — to progressive 1080p, then scaling to the native resolution of the digital display. The signal is then outputted digitally to DVI-compatible displays. Faroudja said the technology improves HDTV compatibility with new digital displays, such as plasma monitors and DLP, LCOS and LCD projectors.