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Farm Fresh Bows Lightcast Music

Farm Fresh, a division of Uncle Milton Industries, will be unveiling its Lightcast digital music accessory here at Uncle Milton’s booth in the Sands, number 70334.

Lightcast is an interactive music light show that syncs with music from an MP3 player, home stereo system or PC. According to the company, the projector processes the beat and intensity of sound input to display a light pattern in one of four modes: smooth, flow, vibe or pulse. It also features four “house” light shows for dance party use. Users can operate the adjustable lenses and mirrors in order to control whether the light display will be sharp and staccato or a gentler wash of ambient light.

The product uses 33 LEDS of various colors and enhanced parabolic projection to create its light shows. It can be projected on a ceiling, walls or at an angle to wash over an entire area. It comes with a remote control, audio input cable and an AC adapter. The Lightcast is intended for users ages 8 and up and carries a suggested retail of $49.99.