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Fall Comdex To Be Held As Planned

Fall Comdex organizer Key3 Media Group will follow through on President George W. Bush’s desire for the United States to get back to business after the terrorist attacks last week by holding Fall Comdex in Las Vegas in November as scheduled.

However, due to the attacks and slow economy, Key3 Media is expecting a fall-off in attendance.

Tim Myhre, president of Comdex worldwide, said it is too early to tell what impact the Sept. 11 attacks will have on the show, slated to run from Nov. 12-16, but as of right now no changes have been made. However, Key3 Media finds itself in a new position.

“The show is now operating in uncharted waters, but we are taking the approach that we are going back to work,” Myhre said.

Key3 Media is consulting with outside safety experts to see how security for the show could be improved, but no new measures have been implemented at this time.

Myhre did say the most likely fall-out from the Sept. 11 attacks is fewer attendees. The event normally averages about 200,000 attendees, but this year’s show is expected to come in somewhere between 180,000 and 200,000. Myhre said the attacks will be only partially responsible this attendance drop, with the tough economic times being the primary culprit.

As of press time no exhibitors had pulled out of the show, but many are expected to send fewer people.

The only other area Myhre expressed concern over was whether all the people scheduled to conduct conferences and break-out sessions will attend. “Right now all of our keynote speakers are still on,” he said.