Fabiano Named SIM2 Marketing VP

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Miramar, Fla. - Alberto Fabiano has been promoted to SIM2 marketing VP, continuing his duties as sales manager for Australia and the Western regional U.S., in addition to overseeing the marketing efforts from his office in Hollywood, Calif.

Since joining SIM2 in 2007, Fabiano has worked behind the scenes on various marketing initiatives, including the development of the company's relationship with such Hollywood celebrities as directors David Lynch and Francis Ford Coppola.

Charlie Boornazian, who had previously served a dual role as sales and marketing VP, will become sales and customer service VP. He will oversee the entire sales and post-sale operations, including tech support.

"As we move forward with the Francis Ford Coppola campaign, I am more than happy to turn the marketing reins over to Alberto," said Boornazian. "We have been successfully working together for two years and will continue to do so. Alberto is very well qualified for this position and will develop creative marketing initiatives that will fuel SIM2 sales." 

"Our dealers are not just our ‘customers' but our key partners -- high-quality communication and support are the cornerstones of our industry, and SIM2 is ready to meet the challenge of maintaining these standards," said Fabiano.


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