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Eye-fi Launches Developers Program

Mountain View, Calif. –


developers of wireless memory cards, unveiled Monday a new developer program to
expand its digital connectivity platform.

Eye-Fi said the program enables third-party developers to embed
the Eye-Fi capability in their own applications. 

“In response to a strong marketplace and community demand, we’re
introducing the Eye-Fi developer program, which enables developers to expand
and extend the Eye-Fi experience,” said Jef Holove, Eye-fi president and CEO.
“Looking back five years, Eye-Fi’s founders recognized the need for a solution
that has already helped people back up, organize or share more than 100 million
memories. We have since created an ecosystem of seven camera partners and 45
online services that enrich those personal memories and the introduction of the
developer program is our response to the growing interest from application

Eye-Fi technology enables transmitting digital files, such as
photo and video files, wirelessly to PCs and other devices without the need for
capable of connecting a media card into a card reader connected to a PC.

The technology includes use of automatic camera power management,
in-camera controls and on-screen activity icons.

Eye-fi said the developer program will grant developers access to
web services that can further enrich the experience by:

• Extending the platforms with which Eye-Fi’ed content can be
viewed and shared, allowing users to view photos and videos sent to an Eye-Fi
account from any website or application;

• Narrowing the gap between photo software and the online sharing
and memory making platforms by granting access to send photos and videos to
Eye-Fi’s ecosystem of 45 sharing sites; and

• Enhancing the photo management experience by facilitating
customization of the Eye-Fi card settings panel.

Developers who wish to join this program are encouraged to visit

to learn more and sign up for the program.