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Exceptional Innovation Debuts Lifeware 2.0

Exceptional Innovation will debut its Lifeware 2.0 software (top), which will work with Microsoft’s Vista operating system, at the Next Gen Home that is located in the Central Hall. Lifeware 2.0 will utilize a brand new interface and expand on its current ability to manage a home’s automated systems by using Microsoft Vista and Media Center. The new software takes advantage of many of Vista’s new features, such as allowing devices to be grouped in customizable galleries. It uses a media-sharing wizard to make all media on the network available from any single point in the home, and it replicates the Vista interface look and feel. The Next Gen Home will feature Lifeware and its connected partners, such as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, to control the home’s lighting, HVAC, distributed audio and security. The house will be open during the length of the show.