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Eureka Park Standouts Win CES Showstoppers Launchit Pitch Awards

Las Vegas  Three start-up companies exhibiting in this year’s Eureka Park TechZone were named winners of the International CES 2014 ShowStoppers Launchit Pitch Competition.

Chosen from more than 200 start-ups, the top three winners were chosen by a panel of professional angel investors representing the New York Angels and the Las Vegas Angel community. The winners are:

 First place: Touchjet (booth 75004), a precise touch-enabled pico projector with a built-in Android OS that transforms any empty wall into interactive 80-inch tablet.

 The company specializes in the development of interactive pico projectors for the consumer and educational market. The company’s first product Touch Pico makes a whiteboard experience widely available across educational, entertainment and industrial industries.

 Second place: FINsix (booth 74113), a laptop adapter that is four times smaller and six times lighter than today’s technology.

 FINsix is commercializing a groundbreaking power conversion technology that enables a 10-time reduction in size (or equivalently, 10-time higher power density) while maintaining high efficiency. This improvement in power conversion will be relevant to industries as diverse as consumer electronics, solid-state lighting and automotive.

 Third place: Chromation (booth 74010), the smallest, cheapest way to add reliable color measurement to a device.

 Chromation is commercializing a proprietary low-cost sensor for handheld color and light measurement. Chromations spectral sensor addresses the gap between low-cost and high-performance products: it is 10 times cheaper than a spectrometer and 4 times smaller.

 The winners were chosen based on investment criteria including potential market opportunity, customer acceptance, realistic financial model, ability to execute, viability, feasibility, innovation, marketability, risk, profitability opportunity, exit strategy, management and scalability.