Etymotic Adds Earphones For Pros

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Elk Grove Village, Ill. - Etymotic Research has added to its MicroPro Series with the ER-4PT earphones, designed for pro sound engineers and audiophiles.

The earphones are based on the company's Accu-Technology platform and have hand-selected drivers that are said to be "matched for accuracy." According to Etymotic, "Each driver is identified by serial number and each earphone is documented by an individual frequency response curve. Each pair of ER-4PT earphones is accompanied by a signed channel-matching compliance graph to confirm that the earphones produce the same high-frequency boost that is characteristic of sound heard at the eardrum in the typical ear."

They come with a ¼-inch adapter, a variety of Accu-Fit eartips, filter-changing kit, airline adapter, storage box and travel pouch.

The ER-4PT earphones are currently available for a $299 suggested retail.


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