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Eton Launches Second Solar-Powered iPod Speaker System

Palo Alto, Calif. – Eton launched its second solar-powered iPod/iPhone-docking speaker system, an AC/DC model that offers higher power, deeper bass, and faster recharging time in sunlight than its lower priced counterpart.

The Soulra XL is available at a suggested $300, complementing the company’s first model, the $200 Soulra launched a year ago. Both are ruggedized models intended for active users.

For now, Soulra XL is available only on Etón’s website.

The new system features fold-out 72-square-inch monocrystal solar panel that charges the internal, rechargeable lithium ion battery. Soulra XL requires about five hours of direct sunlight to fully charge the battery, which provides more than eight hours of playback. The solar panel also charges a docked iPod or iPhone while it plays.

The speaker complement consists of two tweeters, two woofers and four passive radiators to deliver 22 watts of output and deeper bass than the smaller Soulra, which features two 3-inch speakers with power output rated at around 10 watts.

The iPhone or iPod sits inside a chamber covered by an anti-glare tinted see-through cover, keeping the docked Apple device visible while protecting it from the elements. In most cases, an iPhone or iPod can be docked even if it is still inside its protective case because the Soulra XL’s 30-pin connector is raised and mounted on a swiveling hinge, the company said.

The system also features gel-padded carrying strap, rubberized end caps, integrated remote control storage compartment, audio line input for other music devices, battery charge and solar charge indicators, and a power-saving mode.