Escort Rolls Out Speed Trap Website

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West Chester, Ohio - Escort recently introduced its website for speed-trap and red-light camera location sharing.

 The site gives users the ability to receive early-warning notification of approaching speed traps, speed cameras, red-light cameras and other high-target traffic citation areas, Escort said.  

Tim Coomer, product development VP, said, "Our new website allows users to share speed-trap locations with others to dramatically expand threat coverage. The newly identified speed trap locations, once verified, are added to the Escort Defender Database and then communicated to all of our customers on a weekly basis."

The site is free to use. Participating users create an account on the, but users do not have to have a specific Escort Defender Database registration. The company said it has developed a specific data-point verification process of user-submitted trap locations, including the verification by other SpeedTrapUSA users who confirm newly submitted locations.

 Updates can be downloaded from the Escort and Beltronics websites. (Beltronics is an Escort brand.) Select Escort and Beltronics radar detectors come preloaded with the database, including the Passport iQ GPS Navigation and Passport 9500ix windshield models, the 9500ci custom-installed model, and the STiR-Plus and Pro GX65.

 Downloads and notifications are done via GPS technology, with audible and visual alerts provided.

Beltronics also announced it has partnered with Minneapolis-based Advance Auto Parts for a national radar detector sales event.

Everett Morss, Beltronics national sales manager, said, "Along with Advance Auto Parts, we will be promoting through multiple major marketing channels, including leading consumer automotive print outlets, direct mail and email campaigns, flyers and special in-store signage." 

Both Beltronics and Advance Auto Parts have purchased ad space in such targeted publications as Performance Auto Sound (PAS), Auto Week and Road & Track. "One of the major keys to the success of this April promotion is our huge ad campaign that we have running in support of Advanced Auto Parts -- several of the ad campaigns will feature their logo as the tag," said Dave Smidebush, Escort marketing VP.

Beltronics said it supported a 600 in-store test conducted by Advance Auto Parts, which has lead to a rollout of the Vector 955 and Vector 940 models across 2,800 locations.

"Beltronics engineers have industry-leading detector designs that are extended to the Vector series and accommodate the low $200 consumer price points," said Jeff Winston of Advance Auto Parts. "The V955 and V940 models allow us to be able to offer premium radar and laser protection to more consumers at more accommodating prices."

The Vector 955 retails for $199; the Vector 940 is $169. As part of the promotion, the 940 will be on sale for $149 through the month of April.


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