Escort Prices, Ships Smart Radar


New Orleans - Escort shipped its Smart Radar detector and priced it at a suggested $449.

The device, previewed at International CES, is a small radar detector that mounts on the windshield behind a rearview mirror. An included controller snaps onto the front of the rearview mirror. The Smart Radar also incorporates Bluetooth to turn Bluetooth-connected iPhones and Android phones into radar/laser-detector displays and controllers. Using a free app, the phones control the detector's settings and display radar-detector alerts.

Nine settings that can be controlled from the phones include city/highway switch and alert sounds.

The app also enables multiple other functions. Users, for example, can view live traffic on a map and view the location of nearby red-light cameras, speed cameras and speed traps. The app also includes multiple social-network-like features. If a user's detector detects radar or laser, the app will automatically alert other drivers who are using the same app. Drivers can also use the app to manually alert other app users in real time when they see a mobile speed camera, any other speed or red-light camera, or a speed trap.

The app's on-line services are included for a year and cost $39.95/year after that.

Escort demonstrated Smart Radar here at the Show Stoppers event for the press on the eve of CTIA Wireless 2012.


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