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Ericsson Backs Crowd-Sourced Song-Creation Project

Las Vegas  – Telco supplier Ericsson is teaming up with internationally known  electronic-music producer and DJ Avicii to produce the world’s first crowd-sourced song created from sound files contributed via Internet by people all over the world.

The project illustrates how the wired and wireless Internet continues to transform society and industries, particularly the music industry, which is making the transition from physical media to cloud-based music and is now taking the next step toward cloud-sourced music, said Ericsson president/CEO Hans Vestberg in describing the project at CES.

The song will debut at the Mobile World Congress on February 26 in Barcelona and will “include the whole world on one track,” said Avicii manager Ash.

Avicii will curate the submissions, which will include basslines, effects, melodies, rythms and vocals. People will be able to vote over the Internet for the strongest submissions at and at Ericsson’s web site.

The song will be sold through online music stores as digital downloads and offered to music-streaming services by Universal Music. Proceeds will go to the House for Hunger charity.