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EQD To Launch Auria LCD TV Line

Mission Viejo, Calif. — Start-up LCD TV and PC monitor supplier EQD is preparing to ship a line of Auria-branded LCD TVs through major online retail partners.

Products in the Auria line include the 16-inch, 22-inch, 24-inch, 26-inch, 32-inch, 37-inch, 42-inch and 47-inch screen sizes, all of which the company said were designed to include more features at lower price points than products from other established LCD TV brands. Pricing was not available at press time.

The company said it is underscoring the quality of its products by backing them with two-year warranties.

“The Auria line offers consumers and businesses exceptionally high quality and value due to EQD’s commitment to making HD television an affordable option for more viewers by offering market-leading pricing structure — with prices as low as 20 percent less than its closest competitor — as well as an unprecedented two-year warranty and excellent customer service,” the company said in a statement announcing its products.

EQD is launching the products in the March/April timeframe through online retailers including,, Newegg, PC Mall and PC Connection. The company said additional online retailers throughout the U.S. will be announced in the near future.

Taking a page from Samsung, EQD is looking to help promote the brand by pledging to donate a portion of its profits to the Armed Forces Foundation and Miracles for Kids charities.

Auria products all offer HDTV resolution, with models split between 720p and FullHD 1080p performance. Several top of the line models offer contrast ratios of 10,000:1.

All models include built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM TV tuners and a wide variety of connectivity options, including HDMI 1.3.

“As tough economic times are changing the HDTV landscape, and with the federally mandated switch to digital TV signals, EQD has entered the marketplace in a unique position that will allow us to provide high-quality, high-value multiple function monitors as HDTVs and PC displays at the lowest possible price,” stated Steve Woo, CEO of EQD. “This business model will not only help us meet the needs of today’s consumers and businesses, but it will also allow us to give back to the community.”

Cosmetic designs feature a piano-black finish. Sets are said to have been designed for a wide range of applications and room placements, from PC monitors to bedroom TVs to big-screen home-theater displays.