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Epson Introduces Full Slate Of 3D Projectors At CEDIA Expo

INDIANAPOLIS — Epson travels to CEDIA Expo to unveil five 3LCD home-theater projectors, highlighted by the Pro Cinema 6020UB.

New models on display include the Pro Cinema 6020UB ($3,499 suggested retail), Home Cinema 5020UB ($2,499) and 5020Ube ($2,799), and the Powerlite Home Cinema 3020UB ($1,599 suggested retail) and 3020Ube ($1,700).

The PowerLite Home Cinema 3020 and 3020e models are designed to offer home A/V enthusiasts FullHD 1080p 3D and 2D big-screen images at affordable prices.

Both models have built-in speakers, a contrast ratio of up to 40,000:1 and brightness up to 2,300 lumens. Added features include a split screen mode that allows users to watch two sources at once, maximizing its flexibility.

The Home Cinema 3020e is also equipped with a wireless transmitter that can connect up to five devices via HDMI simultaneously, simplifying setup and removing cables.

Viewers wearing rechargeable active-shutter 3D glasses will have access to virtually unlimited 3D content via a new 2D to 3D conversion system that transforms 2D material to 3D on the fly.

Additional wireless features include five HDMI inputs, HDMI out, preview for confirming input source, and picture- in-picture capabilities (included with Home Cinema 3020e).

Both models use 230W E-TORL lamps with up to 5,000 hours of lamp life.

The PowerLite Home Cinema 5020UB and 5020UBe models step up from there with contrast ratios of up to 320,000:1 and brightness output of up to 2,400 lumens. Both projectors feature a split-screen capability for watching content from two inputs at once, five color modes for 2D and two for 3D and an additional wireless transmitter to simultaneously connect up to five devices via HDMI (5020UBe model only).

Both 3D/2D models have FullHD 1080p native resolution, bright 3D Drive Technology, and a cinema filter for improved color fidelity.

Epson’s 480Hz drive system minimizes the blackout time of 3D glasses and provides greater brightness of 3D images. The 2D-to-3D conversion system also provides virtually unlimited 3D content when wearing rechargeable IR glasses. The projectors also include Super Resolution and FineFrame technologies for smoother frame interpolation and sharper video quality (2D Mode), two anamorphic lens modes (stretch and squeeze) to enable 2.35:1 anamorphic viewing without an external processor, and a cinema filter feature that delivers larger color space for improved color fidelity.

Both models use a FujinonOptiCinema lens (2.1 zoom ratio), and the 5020Ube adds a wireless transmitter to stream a FullHD signal wirelessly for up to five devices with HDMI.

Both models also use 230-watt E-TORL lamps with 5,000-hour expected lamp life.

Meanwhile, the PowerLite Pro Cinema 6020UB delivers 3D and 2D FullHD 1080p images to home A/V elitists. The 3LCD projector has a contrast ratio of up to 320,000:1 and white and color brightness for up to 2,400 lumens.

Targeting custom-installed home-theater applications, the 6020UB includes Epson’s 3D Drive Technology, THX certification, a built-in cinema filter for improved color fidelity and the aforementioned Split Screen mode.

The Pro Cinema 6020UB includes two pairs of re-chargeable active-shutter 3D glasses, an extra lamp, a ceiling mount and a cable cover.

Other features include 2D-to-3D conversion, Super Resolution and FineFrame technologies, two anamorphic lens modes (stretch and squeeze) to enable 2.35:1 anamorphic viewing without an external processor, a Cinema filter that delivers larger color space for improved color fidelity, Fujinon OptiCinema lens (2.1x zoom ratio), and manual lens shift of up to 96.3 percent vertical and up to 47.1 percent horizontal.

Value-added features for FlexibleProCinema include five color modes in 2D and two color modes in 3D to easily adapt to different viewing environments, two HDMI inputs, a 230-watt E-TORL lamp with 5,000 hours of lamp life with an extra bulb, and a ceiling mount and a cable cover.