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Epson Adds Scanner, Photo Viewers

Long Beach, Calif. –

The Perfection V300 Photo features a hardware resolution of 4800 by 9600 dpi with 48-bit color and a dynamic range of 3.2.

The $99 unit can scan three dimensional objects thanks to a 180-degree lid and offers dedicated buttons for automatically scanning, copying, emailing or creating a PDF of scanned images and documents.

The V300 incorporates Epson’s Easy Photo Fix image correction technology and a power-saving LED light source.

New for the V300 is an office mode in the Easy Photo Fix software, for improving the look of scanned documents. It will feature a built-in transparency for scanning negatives.

Earlier this month, the company said it would ship a pair of high-end photo viewers to dealers in September.

The P-6000 and P-7000 will use new LCD technology, dubbed Photo Fine Premia, which offers 94 percent of the

The firm boosted image download speeds by 35 percent over previous models. The image viewers support JPEG and RAW image files, alongside audio and video files.

The 80GB P-6000 will retail for $599. The 160GB P-7000 will retail for $799 and will also bundle a travel pack.

Epson will ship a new scanner to dealers this month.Adobe RGB color gamut, Epson said. The 4-inch screens will offer VGA resolution and be joined by a new jog dial for scrolling through images, and built-in slots for SD and CF cards (including UDMA-enabled cards).