Epson Adds Hybrid Photo Frame/Printer

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Long Beach, Calif. -

Epson America

unveiled Thursday a compact hybrid digital photo frame and photo printer.

The PictureMate Show (available now through a number of online retailers at a $299.99 suggested retail) features a 7-inch 16:9 digital photo frame with 800-by-400 dpi (WVGA) resolution incorporated into a photo printer capable of making up to 4-by-6-inch prints.


Epson called the product a convenient all-in-one solution "for displaying, sharing and printing better-than-lab-quality photos."

PictureMate Show offers 12 slideshow formats for digital images, and includes a remote control.

The printer portion is said to spit out 4-by-6 inch snapshots in 5760-by-1440 dpi resolution in as fast as 37 seconds.

"Perfect for everyone in the family, Epson's PictureMate Show combines the best in design and performance while offering a unique way to instantly print and share cherished memories," stated Stacey Tieu, Epson America consumer ink jets associate product manager. "PictureMate Show is not only an exceptional gift to give this holiday season, but also a great product to have year round because nothing on the market compares in terms of quality, speed, reliability, and value. This convenient, portable printer makes it easy to instantly print and share photos at parties, special events or family gatherings."

Also included in the unit is 270MB of internal flash memory for photo storage, built-in memory card slots, USB port for thumb drives, and support for PictBridge devices as well as PDAs or digital cameras using an optional Bluetooth adapter.

Prints are said to be "durable, smudge, scratch, and water resistant" and resist fading up to 96 years under glass and over 200 years in dark albums.

The printer will also handle customize sizes including 0.3-buy-0.3 inches to 4-by-6 inches for passport photos, filling unusual frame sizes, photo key chains, photo bracelets and other uses.

Custom layout and print options include color effects, such as classic borders or borderless looks, mini-wallet, wallet, and black and white, and sepia hues.

Photo editing features include Auto Photo Correction that automatically adjusts photos for optimum color and balance, cropping capabilities, red-eye removal, and other treatments.

Prints can be made on glossy and matte paper with Epson's PictureMate Print Packs, which include ink and either 150 sheets of 4-by-6 inch glossy paper or 100 sheets of 4-by-6 inch matte paper.


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