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Epoq Unveils Portable DTVs

People looking for a portable television that will work after the analog TV broadcasting cutoff are in luck. Epoq Multimedia, based here, introduced a pair of the first portable LCD TVs designed to receive over-the-air ATSC broadcasts.

Billed as a “portable HDTV,” the EPT-LC7AT ($279 retail selling price) is a portable, battery-powered LCD TV with a 7-inch screen size designed for use with U.S. DTV broadcasts (ATSC) as well as the outgoing analog NTSC broadcasts. The unit will receive 480p/720p and 1080i DTV broadcast signals and is powered by a built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It ships with an integrated swivel table stand that also serves as a carrying handle.

The unit ships with a remote control and features both a built-in speaker and stereo earphone jack. Panel resolution is listed at 480 by 230 pixels (SD resolution). It measures 7.8 inches by 5.2 inches by 1 inch.

The new Epoq EDP-AT02 ($249 retail selling price) is positioned as a combination portable LCD TV and digital photo frame. The unit features a 7-inch LCD screen and includes an ATSC tuner to receive 480p/720p and 1080i broadcast signals. It will also accept and playback digital JPEG photo files and play music and sound from MP3, MP4 and WMA A/V files without a computer.

It includes a USB2.0 and SD/MS/MMC memory cards, and features an automatic slide show with multiple transition effects and display times for photo viewing. Music and photos can be played back simultaneously.

The company is also planning to offer a 10-inch portable TV version in the EPT-LC10AT with 480 by 800-pixel resolution and similar functionality to the EPT-LC7AT. Pricing and availability were not available as this was posted.

The Paradigm Shift Consulting and Marketing Group, which handles the Epoq Multimedia brand, said it will launch the products in the United States initially through an exclusive distribution agreement with