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Entertainment Spending To Remain Steady: NPD

Port Washington, N.Y. — A majority of consumers intend to spend at least the same amount on entertainment this year despite the poor economy, according to a recent study from The NPD Group.

The study, which questioned 10,000 consumers, found that digital music downloads, CD and video game expenditures will benefit from this spending.

For 2009, about 75 percent of consumers intend to buy as many digital music downloads; 65 percent will spend the same or more on video games, and 60 percent intend to spend the same amount on music CDs.

When it came to purchases made during the preceding three months, 51 percent of those asked had bought a DVD or Blu-ray disc. A console or portable video game software had been bought by 36 percent of the respondents, and 31 percent had bought a music CD.

On average, Americans spend $160/month on a per capita basis on entertainment. However, the majority of this goes towards subscriptions to TV and Internet services, NPD said.

The only areas where spending is expected to decline is on newspapers and magazines.