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Energy Turns Over Veritas Flagship Line

– Klipsch’s Energy brand will go to the CEDIA Expo with a revamped flagship
line of Energy Veritas in-room speakers, an eight-SKU selection priced up to

 Like before, the models are designed to
deliver flat on-axis frequency response with minimal levels of distortion and
resonance, but the new models deliver an “even higher level of audiophile
performance,” said Klipsch Group product development VP Marak Casavant. The
speakers mark “the first time Klipsch Group engineers have collaborated on an
Energy flagship product line,” he noted.

 The new lineup of Energy Veritas speakers consist
of two floor-standing towers at $2,200 and $3,000/pair, two bookshelf models at
$450 and $800/pair, two center channels at $275 and $800 each, surround
speakers at $1,000/pair, and a $1,000 subwoofer.

 The new models features more advanced
crossover networks, improved woofers, new voicing and wood cabinetry.

but the subwoofer feature one-inch pure aluminum tweeters to ensure clear,
accurate highs for the most detailed listening experience. Tweeters and
mid-woofers in close proximity to deliver coherent, seamless dispersion, the
company said.  Woofers feature ribbed elliptical
surrounds for tight, distortion-free low-end response.

 The series is shipping in high-gloss piano
black and piano rosenut finish.