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Energy Star Unveils Telephony Label

Las Vegas – Energy Star unveiled its label for telephony products at CES, here, last week.

The Energy Star label, managed by the US Environmental Protection Agency with support from the US Department of Energy, allows consumers to identify energy efficient electronics, appliances, office equipment, lighting, heating and cooling equipment, buildings, and homes.

Thus far Panasonic, RadioShack, TT Systems, Uniden and VTech, have signed on with the program and plan to introduce and/or market product with the label.

The focus of the label for telephony products is on increasing the energy efficiency of residential cordless phones, answering machines, and combination units.

The decision to seek improved efficiency was born from a look at current phone designs. According to Energy Star, nearly 90 percent of all energy used to power cordless telephones, answering machines, and combination units is expended when the products are not in active use. If all consumer phones and telephony equipment sold over the next ten years adopted Energy Star standards, consumers would save approximately $4 billion on their electricity bills and spare 66 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions from being pumped into air (the equivalent of more than 1 million cars).

Improvements will focus on, among other things, phone chargers ensuring they don’t overcharge a cordless phone’s battery.

The new Energy Star qualified models will use about one-third of the energy required by standard telephony products.

Currently, TT Systems’ Gold and Platinum lines of 2.4GHz phones (under the Phonemate brand), and Uniden’s EXP, EXA and EXT cordless phones are on the market with the Energy Star label.