Energy Star Expands To More A/V Items

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Washington - The second tier of the

Energy Star

2.0 Audio/Video specification will take effect on July 30, when the federal government expands the Energy Star program to cover any A/V product that includes a disc player or audio amplifier.

Such products include DVD/Blu-ray players, home-theater receivers, and commercial audio amplifiers.

The second tier also imposes more stringent energy performance requirements on all A/V products. Products will have to automatically power down to a low power state after a period of inactivity, an Energy Star spokesperson said. Most products that carry the Energy Star label will automatically transition into a low power state after no more than two hours of inactivity.

With the change, the Energy Star label will identify products that are efficient through all use phases, the spokesperson added. A home-theater receiver, for example, will have to meet sleep-mode power-consumption limits as well as minimum amplifier efficiency limits during audio playback.


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