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Energizer Woos OEM Use Of New Zinc Air

St. Louis —Energizer has slated a series of seminars for OEM designers to promote the use of its new Zinc Air Prismatic battery, which sports an extremely thin form factor, in future devices

An Energizer statement said the batteries feature a 5mm-thin prismatic construction with the highest energy density resulting in up to three times more runtime compared with similarly sized alkaline or lithium-ion batteries.

Zinc Air Prismatic batteries use oxygen from the air as the energy source to provide power. The battery is designed with air access holes that are sealed with a tab until the consumer is ready to use the battery. The company said one of the keys to fully utilizing the high-energy density is effectively managing the air access to the battery to optimize performance.

The seminars will be held the week of March 16 in Silicon Valley and Newport Beach, Calif., and in Chicago and New York. They will feature an overview of the product technology, a description of the types of air management needed to allow the battery to perform at its best, an in-depth look at the battery compartment design and a question-and-answer period.

“After launching the Zinc Air Prismatic with OEMs at the Consumer Electronics Show, we are looking forward to working with them in detail to help them raise the bar for smaller, lighter and thinner devices,” said Jon Eager, Energizer OEM marketing director. “The interest in the Zinc Air Prismatic battery is there — the design seminars will take execution to the next stage.”

Zinc Air batteries will be manufactured in the United States. Technical product information is available here.