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Energizer Previews Power Packs For Portables

St. Louis — Energizer has launched a line of reusable portable battery-driven chargers for wireless phones, portable gaming devices and the Apple iPod.

The Energi To Go line includes a two-battery model for cellphones and four-battery versions for iPods and portable gaming devices.

The cellphone chargers include phone tip connectors that are compatible with about 100 phone models from manufacturers including Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sprint, and mini USB devices including Razr, Slvr and the BlackBerry.

A call can be placed within 30 seconds of activating the Energi To Go on some cellphones with a completely discharged battery, according to the company. Wireless phone models with robust multimedia applications may require several minutes to activate.

The suggested retail for the Energi To Go cellphone charger is $19.99, and includes the reusable charger, the phone tip connector and two Energizer e2 lithium AA batteries.

The four-battery Energi To Go power pack for iPods provides immediate power to the Apple iPod, nano and Mini. The four-battery gaming version powers portable gaming devices including Sony’s PSP and Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance and Game Boy DS.

The four-battery power packs will retail for $29.99 each, and will include the reusable charger, a smart tip and four Energizer e2 lithium AA batteries.

All three versions will ship to retailers in September.

Energizer will launch a national marketing campaign behind the line that will debut Labor Day weekend and include major media television, print and online advertising, in-store merchandising, product sampling, event marketing and consumer bounce-back coupons for Energizer e2 lithium batteries.