Energizer Offers Wireless Charging For Wii


St. Louis - Energizer has teamed with Performance Designed Products to introduce the Energizer Flat Panel induction charger for the Nintendo Wii.


The newest addition to Energizer's Power & Play series uses induction coupling technology to charge Wii remotes wirelessly when placed on the charging mat. Magnets secure the remotes in the proper position on the charger. There is no need to remove sleeves, lanyards or Wii MotionPlus modules before charging.

"Energizer is always looking at innovative solutions to power people's lives, and the Flat Panel induction charger does just that for everyone who likes gaming," said Jeff Ziminski, chief marketing officer, Energizer. "Utilizing contactless charging technology, the Flat Panel induction charger makes charging your Wii remote simple and convenient."

The charger comes in a two-remote design for a suggested $29.99 and a four-remote design for a suggested $49.99. Both SKUs are available now.

Energizer's Power & Play line of gaming power products has sold more than 1.3 million units since its debut last year, according to the company. The line includes charging docks, charging cables and battery packs for the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 game consoles and controllers.


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