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Energizer Grows Energi To Go Line

St. Louis — Energizer today refreshed it line of Energi To Go charging products, adding the company’s first lithium-polymer rechargeable power packs for handheld devices.

About a dozen new SKUs in the Energi To Go line will roll out in the next 30 days. They will include rechargeable power packs that use lithium-polymer battery technology to power a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones, cellphones and Bluetooth headsets; all iPhone and iPod models as well as most MP3 players; portable GPS units; digital cameras and camcorders; and netbooks and laptops using a series of changeable tips.

“Battery life is a big issue today,” Bob Kearns, Energizer’s new business development director, told TWICE in a briefing. “Devices are getting smaller and battery size is decreasing while battery capacity is being put to the test as devices get more robust.”

The rechargeable packs were developed through a licensing partnership with Xpal Power, a California-based OEM and consumer supplier of lithium-polymer battery solutions. The line is co-branded with both companies’ logos.

The additions include:

* Energi To Go XP, a line of seven portable power systems ranging in size and power from a 600 mAh credit-card sized charger for cellphones to an 18,000 mAh charger that can power up to three devices at once, including a laptop or netbook. One of the models, the XP4000, is geared toward digital cameras and camcorders with internal rechargeable batteries and includes a clip that fits over the battery’s contacts.

* Energi To Go SP, solar-driven power packs for small portables, available in 1,000 mAh and 2,000 mAh options. The packs can be charged by outdoor sunlight or indoor lighting and feature a built-in LED flashlight.

* Energi To Go AP, two SKUs that mimic the shape and styling of the iPhone and double as a protective case.

The two companies are supporting the new lines and differentiating them from others in the market through a series of consumer support and guarantee initiatives, outlined for TWICE by Xpal president Christian Scheder.

The first is a TipFit guarantee that states Energizer will offer tips to fit any device or they will have it produced at no additional cost.

Also included with purchase is a Tips for Life program that offers consumers two free tips a year for the life of the Energi To Go product to ensure that as new devices are purchased or replaced they will have the right tips to charge them.

All Energi To Go products come precharged, are guaranteed to hold a charge for one year from the born date and have a life cycle of at least 500 charges, according to Kearns. To that end, a free online battery check is available at the Energi To Go Web site. Once there, a consumer can plug the charger into the PC’s USB port and the site will estimate how many charging cycles have been used and how many are left.

Kearns said the new Energi To Go products will be available nationwide beginning in July in office superstores and will have a large online presence, beginning with and They will ship to additional retailers nationwide mid-summer to early fall.

Prices vary by model and range from $19.99 to $199.

Outside the Energi To Go line, Energizer has also added some specialty products recently. The new Energizer Power & Play induction charge system charges up to two Wii remotes without having to remove the remotes’ sleeves, Wii Motion Plus or lanyards. The system uses contactless induction coupling technology so the remotes begin charging as soon as they are placed on the charging pad. It’s available now at a suggested retail of $49.99.

Energizer is also venturing into the automobile market for the first time with three new products, including a power inverter; jump starter; and all-in-one inverter, jump starter and air compressor.

The line was developed through a partnership with Universal Power Group and will be available this summer. Prices vary by model and range from $39.99 to $139.