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End Of Year Thoughts

So we complain and we bitch and we feel sorry for ourselves. Why? Because we have to go to CES.

I’m guilty of this attitude myself. Poor babies. We have the opportunity to attend the foremost technology showcase in the world, in a place that is warm, in January,

The restaurants are world-class, the keynoters are top notch, the products are mind-blowing. What’s the problem?

Oh yeah. No one wants to fly two days after the New Year. Ugh, my feet hurt already. The desert dries me out. I HATE Vegas.

Listen people, we are the lucky ones, we have a front row seat for the world’s greatest technology event. Let’s enjoy it.

I’m looking forward to amazing TV screens, intelligent smart home portfolios, robots (robots!), drones, crazy good surround sound, wireless chargers, streaming 4K, cars that drive themselves, accurate wearable health and fitness, computing in the palm of my hand. I am ready, bring it on!!

I’m looking forward to celebrities and legislators, retail superstars and the smartest innovators in the world.

CES is really the apex of everything we do. And to get to witness it, close up, year after year, is an amazing opportunity.

So I understand the gallows humor and the deprecation every year, but come on, admit it. You love what you do and CES matters. I look forward to seeing you all there.

What’s Ahead

I have made it clear that I am not necessarily onboard with the new Presidential Administration. I simply don’t agree with almost anything Donald Trump says. That being said, I am rooting for him to be successful, and hope he can use his new-found clout to rally the American people and create an atmosphere of sucess and cooperation among businesses.

I am not optimistic but I am hopeful. That is about the best I can do.

And Thanks

I am very touched by the number of people who reached out to wish me, and TWICE, well this year. I have endured some health issues and have spent a lot of time worrying about what is coming down the pike. But you have buoyed my spirits and, most importantly, expressed how important and valuable TWICE remains to you. For that I thank you.

And This Year

We have a ton of things on our agenda in 2017 and I hope you’ll be on board with us throughout. We are continuing our emphasis on the women who make difference in our industry and look forward to bringing you more content from, and about, these amazing women.

We are also going to pay particular attention to the luxury side of the market in 2017. The high end of the category offers the wow factor and the profit margins and we are looking to shining a light on this part of the market.

Looking forward to a fun and informative year and I’m glad you’ll be along for the ride.