Emporia Targets First-Time Cellphone Users


New York - Austria-based

Emporia Telecom

, which markets simple-to-use cellphones for first-time phone users in 30 countries, will launch its first North and South American products at International CES.

The 20-year-old cellphone supplier promotes its devices as offering kids, senior citizens and people of any age "the most essential features to stay connected with loved ones," including a one-touch Call for Care button with an encircled-heart symbol. The button can be used to automatically dial a family member, a caregiver or emergency services. The phones also feature large, easy-to-use buttons, an extra-loud speakerphone, a simple interface, and easy-to-read, wide high-contrast displays, the company said.

Emporia's selection will be available in the Western Hemisphere in the spring.

At CES, the company will show two new models. They are the EmporiaClick flip phone and the ruggedized EmporiaSolidplus, designed for outdoor workers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The EmporiaClick flip phone features a piano-lacquer finish, stainless-steel clasp, camera with dedicated camera button, ringtones that can be adjusted to very high volumes, high-powered vibration motors and a flashing LED to alert to an incoming call.

Because of its rugged design, the emporiaSolidplus can be kept in a backpack or pocket or placed on a lanyard when its owner is hiking, bicycling and the like, the company said. The device meets military specifications for dust, shock, vibration, rain, humidity, altitude and extreme temperatures.

 Gregory Foley, president/CEO of Emporia Telecom USA, said the phones are designed for "millions of consumers who simply don't want complicated smartphones, distracting apps or expensive data plans."

The company will market its phones to carriers and retailers.


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