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Emerson Adds To SmartSet Line

Emerson Radio has added to its line of SmartSet radio alarm clocks during International CES at booth 12218 in the Central Hall.

The CKS3088 alarm clock radio features a built-in lamp-brightness control and the user can plug a regular bedside lamp and can dim or brighten the lamp using the touch-sensor control on top of the unit.

A computer chip regulates the output voltage going to the lamp, making it possible to dim or brighten the lamp to four different brightness settings, from a soft night-light glow to full brightness, Emerson said.

The company’s patented SmartSet technology means that the unit automatically sets itself when plugged into an outlet. A memory chip stores nearly a century’s worth of time and date information so that the clock also automatically updates for daylight saving time/leap year. A lithium backup battery retains this information during shipping and power outages. The SmartSet memory chip is designed to eliminate problems associated with atomic clocks, which rely on a transmitted signal that can be difficult to catch, depending where the radio is placed.

These two new additions to the SmartSet range have a wealth of innovative features including touch-less snooze control and jumbo easy-to-read LED clock display. Emerson said standard features include “set and forget” alarm with auto repeat and shut-off, choice of three weekly alarm modes and AM/FM radio.

Shipment dates and suggested retail was not available at press time.