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eMachines Unveils 2001 Back To School Line

Irvine, Calif. – Entry-level PC maker eMachines today rolled out its back to school computer line, all of which have at least 128MB or RAM making them capable of running the Windows XP operating system.

The new entrants start with the $399, after rebate T1801 powered with an Intel Celeron 800MHz processor. Intended for students and consumers just doing simple tasks such as email, the Internet and word processing, the T1801 has a 20GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive and two USB ports.

The step up T1855, $499 after rebate, has a slightly faster Celeron 850MHz chip and DVD-ROM drive. The T1905, $599 after rebate, has a Celeron 900MHz processor, CD-RW drive, 30GB processor and a built-in 10/100Mbps network card.

The first of the new models to sport a Pentium processor is the T3100. With a $699, after rebate, suggested retail price this machine features a 1GHz Pentium III processor, CD-RW drive, 30GB hard drive and network card.

The company’s new flagship model is the T4310. It sports a Pentium 4 1.3GHz processor, combination DVD/CD-RW drive, 40GB hard drive, and a DirectAGP 3D graphics card