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Eletrolar Show Slated For Brazil In July

Technology, business and qualified visitation form the basis of the success of the Eletrolar Show, the largest trade fair in Latin America for home appliances, consumer electronics, mobile and IT.

More productive and larger every year, the show anticipates trends, brings together important brands, gives them visibility, has innovative products, unites industry and retailers of all sizes, eliminates trade barriers, enables the formation of partnerships, and generates business.

Created specifically as a B-to-B event, it is recognized throughout Brazil. “The Eletrolar Show is a platform for releases and a link between the industry and the retailers of the consumer electronics sector, integrating brands, products, exhibitors and visitors. In 2015, since it will be larger, an increase in the volume of business is expected,” said Carlos Clur, president of Grupo Eletrolar, organizer of the trade show. It will be held in São Paulo, the business center of Brazil and Latin America, July 20- 23, and will occupy a total area of 387,500 square feet of the Transamerica Expo Center.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event, Grupo Eletrolar will make a major investment to support even more exhibitors and boost the market and exports as well. It will sponsor the travel of 100 buyers from countries in South America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, and 600 purchasing professionals from Brazil, including those from large chains that do not have headquarters in São Paulo. The number of Brazilian buyers will be 10 percent higher than in 2014. “By expanding business opportunities, the fair gets bigger and better, with more positive results,” said Clur.

A Strategic Fair
The positive results of Eletrolar Show are measured by the growing generation of business and visitors. In 2014, the fair boasted 29,000 attendees, including 2,500 CEOs. This year, it expects more than 30,000 qualified professionals, who have the decision power over 26,000 points of sale throughout Brazil.

The fair optimizes time and resources and, due to the large number of brands, provides to purchasing executives a wide range of products so they may choose the most appropriate ones for their customers. More than 600 brands and more than 10,000 products will be exhibited in this 10th edition of the show.

The only South American fair for the consumer electronics segment, Eletrolar Show allows companies to strengthen their position, reinforce relationships with large and medium retailers, and move closer to the regionals. It is also strategic because it is one of the rare chances that the market offers to unite buyers and retailers and present their products, face to face, in a favorable business environment. It acts as a large showroom of products, expanding to retailers the suppliers’ business vision and potential relationships.

For the first time, Eletrolar Show will be sponsoring, with air tickets and lodging, the travel of purchasing professionals, both locals and from abroad. “We will increase business opportunities, detect the main buyers of each market, in other words, the biggest and the best, and increase the relationship of local and regional retailers with the industry,” says Clur. To learn more about Eletrolar Show, visit

Smartphone Congress
To celebrate the 10th edition of Eletrolar Show, the organizers of the event will promote the Smartphone Congress, an event that will address various aspects of the mobile device that has changed behaviors and the way of doing business. The influence of smartphones in all segments, the trends that drive the smartphone industry, and the universe of applications are among some of the topics to be highlighted by experts to the participants.

“Smartphones will increasingly command the connectivity of households to large corporations. Their importance is growing, so much so that last year about 55 million devices were sold in Brazil and the projection for 2015 is of nearly 65 million,” noted Grupo Eletrolar. To learn more about this event, visit