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Electronics Expo Rolls Out Connectivity Displays

Paramus, N.J. – New
Jersey A/V specialty chain Electronics Expo has introduced Connectivity
demonstration centers at five of its seven stores.

The live, 10-station
displays graphically demonstrate how devices can interact wirelessly and send photos,
music, videos and other content throughout the home and around the world.

vertically-integrated stations highlight 10 categories: tablets; home
automation; networked audio; streaming video; DJ equipment; gaming; portable
audio; wireless cameras, camcorders and printers; and computers.

The Connectivity
centers are located near the main entrances of the stores, and are manned by
two specially trained staffers who offer customers demonstrations, expert
advice and even coffee with no hard sell.

Electronics Expo
executive VP Rich Yanitelli said the centers were inspired by a “spoke-and-hub”
accessories demonstration by Monster Cable’s Noel Lee. The concept was adapted
by the A/V chain over the past six months to show tech-modest customers the
full capabilities of connected devices, and to hopefully move the sale from
single SKUs to complete systems.

The centers also provide
a value-added service that can’t be replicated online. “People will come here
for more than just seeing a TV before buying it on the web,” Yanitelli said.

Electronics Expo
principal Leon Temiz described the centers as “Apple Stores on steroids,” and
said they reflect his decision to invest in existing stores before opening new
locations. The Progressive Retailers Organization (PRO Group) dealer has
already eyed three or four potential properties, all within the chain’s new,
smaller 10,000- to 15,000-square-foot target footprint, and said the scalable
architecture of the Connectivity centers would support a relatively easy

Temiz and
Yanitelli formally unveiled the centers at a reception last night for vendors
and company friends — including former New York Jets wide receiver Wayne
Chrebet — at the chain’s Paramus, N.J., store.