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Electrograph Adds Philips’ 3D Commercial LCDs

Hauppauge, N.Y. — Philips 3D Solutions said Tuesday it has enlisted the support of video display distributor Electrograph Systems to take its “out-of-screen” WOWvx 20-inch and 42-inch 3D commercial LCDs to national business-to-business audiences.

Although not quite ready for retail primetime, the displays offer a glimpse at the next nuance in HDTV display technologies — 3D.

Using multi-view lenticular technology, the displays are based on a full high-definition 1,920 by 1,080 LCD panels with 1,500:1 contrast, and true color representation.

Integrated display signal processing provides full control over the quality and depth effect characteristics of the picture, Philips said.

“3D is the new way to get marketing messages across with impact, making it a valuable tool in raising brand and product awareness,” said Jos Swillens, Philips 3D Solutions CEO.

Philips’ WOWvx technology was designed to help professionals increase the attention value of their messages within a large viewing area without the need for special glasses, the company said.

The 20-inch (20-3DW02) 3D WOWvx is positioned for applications including checkout lines in grocery stores or bookstores, while the 42-inch (42-3D6W02) 3D WOWvx display is said to be well-suited for busy storefront windows or movie theater lobbies.

Electrograph will be enlisting display resellers to become “Certified Philips 3D Resellers” during the Electrograph Display Technology Experience (DTE) show in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Nov. 7.

“3D display technology is what sets Philips apart from the flat-panel pack. It’s essential that our reseller customers have access to these amazing professional displays, which are quickly gaining popularity for digital signage and point-of-sale applications,” stated Sam Taylor, Electrograph Systems president.