Elan Offers Home-Control Demo Kit

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Carlsbad, Calif. - Elan has developed an aggressively priced demo system that dealers can use to demonstrate an Elan  g! home-control system in their showrooms or in customers' homes.

Dealers can also use the system to control all of the systems in a demo room.


 The system, which ships in preconfigured demo mode,  consists of a controller, 7-inch touchscreen, 4-inch tabletop touchpad, HR2 remote, amplifier, two tabletop Sunfire speakers, a Panasonic IP camera, g! Pro Apps, and all parts needed to connect the products except for a TV, which is needed to demonstrate the system's on-screen display.

The demo system is sold pre-configured in demo mode, enabling dealers to play music, view and control the IP camera, and demo all other system applications. 

The standardized icon-based interface runs across TVs, touchscreens, touchpads, PCs, iPhones and iPads. The system's IP backbone enables control from around the world.

 Elan Home Systems is part of Linear's AVC Group, which also includes Niles, Xantech and Elan's Aton and Sunfire brands.


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