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Elan Expands Custom Collection

Elan is diversifying and expanding its custom collection with the launch of its first DVD-management system, its first architectural speakers for home theater use, its first enclosed speakers and its first color touch panel that can be mounted under cabinets.

The DVD-management system, which complements a trio of HDD music servers, is the $2,650-suggested VIA! DVDj, which accesses DVDs by title, actor, director, genre, year and rating via Elan’s VIA! touch panels or via an onscreen interface appearing on a connected TV. The system selects DVDs in up to four Sony DVP-CX777ES 400-disc CD/DVD changers. Elan distributes the changers at a suggested $799 each.

The system can be controlled from IR- and RS-232-based home-control systems, and it features composite, S and VGA outputs. It ships in about a month.

In speakers, the company will complement its selection of in-wall and in-ceiling distributed-audio speakers with architectural models intended for home-theater use. The TheaterPoint series includes in-wall and in–ceiling speakers that can be aimed, and that could be the industry’s first three-way models with all drivers capable of being aimed at the listening position. Additional details were unavailable.

In touch panels, Elan is unveiling a lower priced 6.4-inch color panel, its first to pivot and the first that can be mounted under a kitchen cabinet and folded up out of sight. It can also be mounted on a tabletop. The$1,999-suggested-retail VIA! Velet6.4 complements a $2,400 6.4-inch touch panel.

The new model, due by show time, controls a variety of home systems; incorporates cable-TV tuner; and lets users view a variety of video sources, including security cameras. It swivels 180 degrees back to front and 270 degrees right to left.

A revamped IR line includes 30 SKUs of emitters; plasma-friendly sensors; and distribution hubs, including hubs that support multizone distribution. Sensors can be flush or surface mounted or placed on cabinets. Hubs are priced to $204.while plasma-friendly sensors are priced from $70 to $164.