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Elan Adds To g! Series


Elan is adding to its g! series multiroom-
audio/home-control lineup with the launch of
a new multizone amplifier/controller and first touchscreen
designed for both tabletop and under-cabinet

Elan is also announcing during International CES
this week that the g! system, which uses IP to send
command signals, has been upgraded to support
the KNX home- and building-control standard widely
used in Europe and Asia to control lighting, climate

The g! series
at less than
$2,000 for a
four-sub-system installation
and can
be expanded
to control home
systems while
distributing audio
the house. The
system uses
a standardized
appearing on TVs, touchscreens, touchpads, PCs,
iPhones and iPads.

The new controller/amp in the series is the $3,600
S1616A, which combines the company’s existing
D16 16-channel amp and the S128P multi-zone audio
controller into one product to reduce the cost of
system installation. It ships in January as the brand’s
first digital multi-room integrated audio controller.

The device is available in single- or dual-chassis configurations with amplifier output of 16xto watts into
8 ohms with all channels driver and 16×75 watts into 4
ohms with all channels driven.

It supports eight stereo, or 16 mono inputs and outputs,
or any combination of stereo and mono inputs
and outputs. Dealers can stack up to 15 of them to
provide up to 120 stereo or 240 mono outputs. It integrates
with the g! series C2 communications controller
to control other home systems.

The S1616A also features high-pass and low-pass
crossovers, RCA inputs, speaker-level and banana
plug outputs, and separate level, bass and treble adjustments
for each output channel.

The new hard-wired tabletop/under-cabinet color-
LCD touchscreen is the 10-inch VL10 Valet at $2,500.
It joins multiple in-wall touchscreens, a 10-inch touchscreen
that can be tabletop-mounted, TV and PC user
interfaces, a handheld remote, and tablet and iPhone

The 16:9 touchscreen features touch-and-swipe
interface, back-lit hard buttons for commonly used
functions, a built-in speaker and microphone for messaging,
IP connectivity for communication, non-volatile
flash memory, and a screen saver mode that can display

The touchscreen, which features always-on user
interface, is particularly suited for use in kitchens and
bedside tables because it can double as a TV set. That
is thanks to its analog video input, the company said.
It can also be used in such applications as bars and

As for the addition of KNX technology to the g! series,
Elan noted that KNX is used to control lighting,
security, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring,
water control, energy management, smart metering
as well as household appliances and A/V systems.
The technology was created and is owned by the KNX
Association, which said it has more than 250 member
companies worldwide are marketing 7000 KNX-certified
product s.

Association director Heinz Lux said Elan’s adoption
“will help us to expand KNX throughout the world, including
the United States.” Elan, a brand within the
AVC Group, is exhibiting during CES this week at Las
Vegas Hilton’s East Tower in suite 2876.