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Elan Adds Dedicated Lighting Keypad

Petaluma, Calif. — Elan Home Systems is launching its first dedicated in-wall lighting-control keypad for integration with its g! multiroom audio/home-control system.

The $290-suggested KPCW7 keypad operates the brand’s Elan Lighting by Pulseworx lighting system, which incorporates Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) power-line control technology to make the system suitable for retrofit installs.

The keypad will offer dealers “more profitability and simplified installation” and give Elan g! users “enhanced functionality,” said Joe Lautner, control category director for Elan parent Core Brands.

In addition, said senior product manager Chris Bundy, separate lighting keypads allows for convenient placement at a home’s exits. “Having a keypad at each of the home’s exits are ideal,” he said. “When you are out the door, in a hurry or not, it is more convenient to hit one button to turn off all the lights. The same applies on the way in, where a single button push can light up a path from the garage to the kitchen while you’re juggling grocery bags.”

The g! system also controls other third-party lighting systems via g! touchscreens and touchpads as well as from PCs, smartphones, tablets, and TV UIs.

Separately, the brand also began shipping a powerline interface module, the $518 PIM-IP, with built-in web server to enable IP-based devices to communicate with a UPB network via a LAN network and over the Internet. It can be placed anywhere in the house because it can be plugged into a 120-volt wall outlet and into a CAT-5 port.

For its part, the seven-button lighting-control keypad controls seven loads or scenes and sends command signals to a main control unit. The keypad features a blue LED backlight with adjustable brightness and a temporary lock that prevents others from changing settings. The keypad mounts in a standard single- or multi-gang box.

 The lighting-system controller is pre-programmed with six preset lighting scenes, which dealers can use to create inviting lighting levels without custom programming.

 The keypad is available in white, light almond or black.