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Edifier Entering U.S. Audio Market

Fort Worth, Texas
– China-based audio supplier


will enter the U.S. market for the first time with five products, two of them
iPod-docking speakers systems.

The other three
will be PC multimedia speakers that also connect to other-brand MP3 players via
an aux input.

The products will
be sold in the U.S. through Fort Worth-based ESI Distribution.

The two iPod-docking
speaker systems will launch first. One is the portable AC/DC iF350
iPod/iPhone-docking speaker system with FM radio at less than $120. The other
is the $299 AC-only iF500 Luna 5 tabletop system with FM, three-way speaker
system, 52 watts of amplification and a spherical speaker enclosure with
elliptical profile. Both are Works with iPhone-certified.

Three other
products include the E3350 2.1 portable speaker system, MP300 Plus 2.1 portable system and Luna 2
speaker system, all for laptops, PCs and MP3 players.

Edifier will
display all five products at this month’s Consumer Electronics Associations
Line Show on June 22-23 in New York.

The company,
launched in Beijing in 1996, sells into more than 50 countries, including
Canada, with three products lines: iPod speaker systems, multimedia speakers,
and headphones and headsets. It operates four manufacturing facilities around
the world, designs and manufactures its own transducers, does its own R&D,
designs and assembles its own printed circuit boards, and makes its own
tooling, the company said.

The iF350, due at
the end of July, is a foldaway portable dock with two 3-inch speakers, FM tuner
with automatic search, 18 station presets, aux input, credit-card remote, alarm
clock functions, LCD display, and rechargeable lithium-ion battery that
delivers up to 15 hours of playback time. A switchable 120-240-volt power
supply is included for worldwide use.

The AC-only Luna5
encore iF500, also due at the end of July, is a one-piece unit with an iPod-docking
base/control panel and an upright round speaker panel with elliptical profile. The
speaker panel incorporates a 5.75-inch bass driver flanked by two 2.75-inch
midrange drivers and two 1-inch tweeters. The tweeters and mids, arrayed to
maximize stereo separation, are powered by a 22-watt Class D amplifier. The
woofer is powered by its own 30-watt Class D amp.

Pressing an
illuminated power button causes the base to glow red and exposes
touch-sensitive keys that control power, volume, track advance, FM station scan
and input selection functions.

The speaker panel incorporates
vibration-and resonance-control technologies, bass port, and midrange-tuned

The product is an
International CES 2010 Innovation Honoree Award winner.

Details, shipment
dates and prices of the three multimedia speaker systems were unavailable.