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EchoStar Offers ViP-TV Service

Englewood, Colo. — EchoStar launched Tuesday what it calls its “ViP-TV service,” through which its subsidiary EchoStar FSS Corp (EFSSC) will transport more than 300 channels of secure broadcast quality television programming via satellite to Telco, private and rural cable operators, municipalities and master planned community video providers.

The ViP-TV offers multichannel TV service providers a scalable and aggregated MPEG-4 Internet protocol encapsulated radio and television programming channels from a high-powered Ku-band satellite, EchoStar said.

ViP-TV will offer suites of channels including: ViP-Premier, with more than 100 channels of the most popular television programming; ViP-HD, with 40 channels of high-definition programming; ViP-Movies, with a menu of 40 of the most popular movie services; ViP-Latino, with 30 of the top-rated Spanish-language programming services; and ViP-International, with more than 30 programming channels in 10 different languages.

The ViP-TV service is also offered in connection with transport of local broadcast networks from more than 165 local designated market areas (DMAs) currently provided by EchoStar to over 1,000 cable and Telco systems in standard definition, the company said. VIP-TV offers transport of high-definition local broadcast networks in over 30 local DMAs.

EFSSC’s ViP-TV delivers its service using a high-performance, high-powered Ku Band satellite with full continental U.S. coverage, so that the service can be rapidly deployed and is low cost to maintain. In addition, EFSSC offers full-service design, engineering and installation of head-end equipment together with its award-winning ViP series set top box technology and applications, the company said.

“ViP-TV is one of the most comprehensive video iP transport and distribution platforms available in the marketplace,” stated Michael Kelly, EchoStar fixed satellite services executive VP. “More than just programming, it is a premier service buoyed by industry-leading technology, service and support. With over 12 years of experience in the transport and distribution business, EchoStar can create a true end-to-end solution offering everything from set-top box technology to satellite distribution to service and customer support.”