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EchoStar Offer Seeks ‘DISH’ Town

Englewood, Colo. — A new DISH City Makeover promotion from EchoStar may soon bring a local town charter committee out of stasis.

The company that runs the DISH satellite TV network is offering to give free satellite TV service for a decade to all of the residents of the first town to legally and permanently change its name to DISH.

The program, called the DISH City Makeover, is part of a rebranding effort and advertising campaign that the satellite TV operator is about to launch.

“As part of DISH Network’s rebranding efforts and new advertising campaign trumpeting ‘Better TV for All,’ we invite a city or town to join us by rebranding itself DISH,” said EchoStar’s president Michael Neuman. “The DISH City Makeover is an opportunity for an entire town to experience all-digital television free for 10 years while ridding themselves of cable TV’s high prices and poor customer service,” said Neuman.

EchoStar estimates that a small town of 1,000 households, for example, would receive approximately $4 million worth of free programming, equipment and installation.

To participate, the town government must agree to change the name legally and permanently on government buildings, post offices, official letterhead, schools and hospitals, street signs and any other government signage that contains the city’s or town’s name. The municipality must also file all necessary state and federal documentation.

In exchange, DISH Network will agree to provide every household within the municipal limits a free DISH Network satellite TV receiver, free standard installation and America’s Top 60 programming package free for 10 years. The DISH Network offer is subject to the terms and conditions of DISH Network’s residential service agreement and other terms negotiated.

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