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eBay Updates Website

San Jose, Calif. – eBay has updated its website to provide what it described as an easier and more personalized shopping experience.

The redesign features a cleaner, more contemporary look with larger images and key product information, streamlined navigation, a new “view item” page design, an updated logo, and an opt-in “Feed” function that populates users’ home pages with customized product offers based on past purchases, browsing history and data culled from Facebook.

Customers can now also connect their eBay and PayPal accounts to accelerate the checkout process.

“The future of commerce is personal, driven by data,” eBay president Devin Wenig said in a statement. “Search results and recommendations are no longer enough. Consumers want insight. And they want personal, curated selection that is relevant to them, controlled by them.”

 He noted that technology is revolutionizing the $10 trillion global retail market, and that location and distribution channel are becoming irrelevant to shoppers. “eBay will be at the center of this revolution for consumers,” he said. “Blending the best of offline and online shopping, we will deliver products and experiences that surprise and delight, defining a new way to shop.”

Site-wide enhancements will continue to roll out over the next few months, beginning in the U.S. and Europe and then extending to eBay sites worldwide, the company said.