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EarHugger Expands Into Media Storage Market

Headphones/headset maker EarHugger is branching out into a brand new category — portable and home media storage.

With product being sold under the brand CaseLine, EarHugger is focusing its storage marketing thrust, not on what products the company “thinks” customers like, but on what products users actually choose.

“There is a significant portion of the media storage market specifically focused on fashion,” said Steve Jaynes, EarHugger president, about CaseLine’s unique designs and innovative use of materials and tooling. “Our strategy is to put more choices before buyers than any other company and let the marketplace be the arbiter of what the next big fashion hit will be.”

“We are letting customers tell us where the market is moving,” said Chris Marshall, EarHugger marketing director. To this end, the Lindon, Utah-based company is offering some 50-plus SKUs of media wallets, player/media storage, and large-size folders for CDs and DVDs. Smaller wallets have suggested retails ranging from $9.99 to $12.99.

“Our focus is energy, also fashion decisions in the hottest areas,” said Marshall about the company’s lineup of portable storage. CaseLine products feature creative layering of fabrics, textures, colors and dimension. She noted the deep rubber at the top of one wallet, and grooving along the side, as an example of extras added by the company.

“We’re carrying a huge number of samples and what they [consumers] think they like. We’re offering many more than others — some 1,000 pieces overall — and are playing up their novelty, difference,” said Marshall. In addition to portable storage, EarHugger is including numerous home storage products, such as racks and towers.

“We’re letting customers help tell us where the market is moving,” continued Marshall. And along with leading fashion elements, the company is supporting this debut with product value and price. This includes using the best sleeves, zippers and nylon or other fabrics, she said.