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DWIN Brings Display, Processor Packages To Expo

DWIN, the Burbank, Calif.-based supplier of high-end home theater displays, will unveil at CEDIA Expo its Plasma Image HD-50, a 50W-inch HD plasma display, a DLP front projector based on TI’s HD2 chip and a video processing system.

Central to all three products is the digital video processor, which DWIN calls its Transcanner 3 when sold separately. Both new display devices will ship with a dedicated version of the external video processor optimized for the native resolution of each device.

DWIN said the separate component design provides “the most flexible connectivity by allowing the video processor to be conveniently located near all the video sources while the plasma display is mounted at an ideal viewing location.”

The video processor sold with the HD-50 plasma display, connects via “a proprietary DVI” interface to enable a direct digital link without requiring digital to analog conversion.

The processor unit accepts a total of 10 video inputs: two DVI/HDCP, two RGB, two S-video, two component, and two composite and DVI.

The use of the digital connector “enables complete digital connectivity from digital video sources to the plasma display and eliminates double processing of video signals, ensuring the best picture quality,” DWIN said.

As a standalone product, DWIN’s TranScanner 3 will offer a variety of output settings to provide an output resolution to match most display devices. It accepts video signals from most signal sources and provides digital output via DVI. The TranScanner 3 is available now at a $3,500 suggested retail.

The HD-50 plasma display is fully high definition capable with a 1,366 by 768 pixel resolution. It will ship in the fourth quarter bundled with the dedicated digital video processor at a $11,950 suggested retail price.

DWIN is currently shipping its newest DLP projector — the third generation TransVision 3, which carries a $10,500 suggested retail price.

The unit has native 720p resolution (1,280 by 720), which is supported by the external dedicated digital video processor.