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DVDO Offers Uncompressed Wireless HDMI Kit

Sunnyvale, Calif. – DVDO today announced the availability of
its Air WirelessHD solution that wirelessly streams uncompressed HD content
from source components to a wall-mounted HD display.

The WirelessHD-compliant DVDO Air delivers 1080p video and
7.1-channel lossless surround audio at a frequency of 60GHz up to 100 feet
using a wireless transmitter that connects to the source, a wireless receiver
that connects to the display via HDMI port, and a receiver-mounting clip that
secures it to a wall or to the top of an HDTV. 

DVDO said the system works seamlessly with other
installer-class DVDO-brand switching and processing products for full HDMI
compliance, and because of its use of the 60GHz band, there is no interference
from other wireless home systems, such as Wi-Fi networks and cordless phones.

The DVDO Air is available immediately from authorized
distributors or from professional installers at a suggested retail of $399.