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Dual Expands Axxera, Dual Car Lines, Marine

LAS VEGAS — A major expansion of the Axxera car audio series is among the highlights of Dual’s product introductions at International CES, where the company is also expanding its Dual-branded car audio and marine audio selections.

All products ship in the first quarter; prices were unavailable.

The head units include the industry’s first two multimedia head units with UltraMotion Display featuring multitouch LCD, customizable menu and interactive 3D-like graphics. The technology, which appears in one Axxera and one Dual multimedia model, enables tablet-like touchscreen functionality and interactive graphics. Users can swipe, flick, drag and drop, move menu icons around, and enjoy outer space-like moving graphics with planets, stars and space ships, the company said.

In the Axxera series of products targeted to installing dealers, the company is launching 21 new SKUs, including the series’ first speakers and amplifiers and an expanded selection of head units. The Axxera head units include a double-DIN multimedia model with a 6.2-inch full-color LCD and UltraMotion Display and three head units that are the company’s first with 3-inch QVGA multi-line, full-color LCD. The scrolling display with 3D-like background graphics shows album art, artist and track info.

Under the Dual brand, the company is expanding its head-unit selection to 21 SKUs from 14 with the launch of five new CD receivers, joining eight carryover models. The brand is also expanding its multimedia head units to seven SKUs from three with the launch of five new models, joining two current models.

The products include the series’ first two CD receivers with 4-volt RMS preamp outputs, 3-inch QVGA multiline, full-color LCD, and control of Pandora on a USBconnected iPhone.

In Dual marine, the company is expanding the selection to 19 SKUs from 13.

Here’s what’s happening with the product lines:

Axxera is adding 21 SKUs and its first 11 speakers, first three amplifiers, and first passive crossover, as well as six new head-unit SKUs, which join three carryover head units.

The six heads include the series’ first DMR and an expansion of the multimedia assortment to two from one.

Three of the single-DIN heads, the AXD530, AXD430 CD receivers and AXM230 DMR, boast the series’ first 3-inch 320×40 QVGA multi-line, full-color LCD display. Also new to the Axxera line are 4-volt RMS preamp outputs and control of Pandora on a USB-connected iPhone. Those features appear in the AXM230 DMR and in the AXD530, AXD430, and AXD330 CD receivers.

Pandora control enables display of artist, album, song information, and station list as well as control of the thumbs up/down feature and bookmarking of songs and artists.

The new Axxera multimedia receiver is the double-DIN AXV3D, which features 6.2-inch widescreen 800 by 480 RGB LCD with UltraMotion display technology. It’s also the first Axxera head with port to connect SiriusXM’s universal SXV200 2.0 tuner.

One of the Axxera heads, the AXD530, features built-in stereo Bluetooth with AVRCP, enabling head-unit control of the Pandora app on a Bluetooth-connected Android or BlackBerry smartphone. The Pandora control for iPhone is also available via USB connection.

Axxera’s first three amplifiers are low-profile models that include a four-channel model, a two-channel model and a mono amp. All are Class D. The four-channel Class D Digital AXA40D is rated at 4×90-watts RMS into 4 ohms, 4×125 watts into 2 ohms, and 2×260-watts bridged.

The two- and four-channel amps feature high-pass and low-pass filters fixed at 80Hz with 12dB/octave slope, and the mono amp features low-pass filter adjustable from 50-250Hz with 12dB/ octave slope.

The first 11 Axxera speakers include three two-way models with True In-Phase technology for realism. These models have hornloaded tweeter positioned directly behind the woofer, with the horn firing through the woofer voice coil to ensure both drivers’ sound is in phase regardless of the listener’s seating position. The three models are available in 5.25-, 6.5-, and 6- by 9-inch sizes.

The lineup also includes one ring tweeter, one bullet tweeter, two 6-inch midranges, two 8-inch midranges, a 10-inch DVC sub and a 12-inch DVC sub.

Dual’s new car products consist of five multimedia head units, one CD receiver, six speakers, four amps, one subwoofer, two enclosed subs and two enclosed amplified subwoofers.

The XDMA761 CD receiver is the Dual line’s first CD receiver with 4-volt RMS preamp outputs and control of Pandora on a USB-connected iPhone. The XDMA761 is also the brand’s first CD receiver with a 3-inch QVGA multi-line full-color LCD.

Among the five multimedia head units, the DXV3D is the line’s first multimedia model with UltraMotion touchscreen display and control of Pandora on a USB-connected iPhone. Two other multimedia heads, the single-DIN XDVD1170BT and double-DIN XDVD1262BT, feature built-in hands-free and stereo Bluetooth with AVRCP.

Also new is the Dual series’ first digital amp, the XPR510D, and first low-profile underseat amplified subwoofer, the 10-inch BAK1500.

The company is also adding six Dual marine SKUs to the 13-SKU selection launched at last year’s CES. The 2012 lineup consisted of six receiver and speaker packages, two CD receivers, and five speaker pairs. Features included built-in hands-free and stereo Bluetooth, USB control of iPods/iPhones, SiriusXM-Ready capability, and seven-channel NOAA weather band tuner.

The six new SKUs include the AMB500W DMR, a CDless version of the flagship AMB600W CD receiver. Features include control of USB-connected iPods/iPhones, built-in hands-free and stereo Bluetooth, SiriusXM-Ready capability, MP3/WMA playback via USB flash drives and SD cards, 3.5mm aux in, two pairs of RCA outputs (F+R/S), seven-channel NOAA weather band, detachable face and wireless remote.

The MCP304S is a CD receiver packaged with two pairs of 6.5-inch speakers and splashguard. The head unit features front panel USB and SD car slot for MP3/ WMA playback from flash drives and SD cards, 3.5mm aux input, MP3/WMA CD playback, one pair of preamp outs, wireless remote and universal splashguard.