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Dual Debuts Portable GPS

Heathrow, Fla. – Dual is introducing a second generation portable GPS that offers a hiking mode as well as car navigation.

The NavAtlas XNAV3550 has a 3.5-inch screen and nearly 2-million points of interest at a suggested retail price of $499. Just now shipping, it is smaller than Dual’s original portable introduced a year ago and replaces that model. It offers U.S. maps preloaded on a 1GB SD card and uses map software by Navigon, a leading GPS software company in Germany. The unit also plays back MP3, AVI and JPEG files, Dual said.

In hiking mode, the XNAV3550 allows users to navigate city streets as a pedestrian, so that one-way streets or streets that don’t allow traffic are included in the route path, and parkways and highways are excluded.