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DTV Academy Presents Annual Awards

Washington — The Digital Television Academy presented its 2004 Academy of Digital Television Pioneers (DTVAcademy) Awards during the Consumer Electronics Association’s tenth-annual HDTV Summit, held yesterday at the WashingtonD.C.Convention Center.

The awards, presented during a luncheon honoring the DTVAcademy, recognized achievements made throughout 2004 in 10 categories:

Best DTV Over the Air Network: CBS

Best DTV Cable System: Comcast

Best DTV Cable or Satellite Service: DirecTV

Best DTV Satellite Programmer: ESPN

Best DTV Sporting Event: CBS Super Bowl XXXVIII

Best Original DTV Material: CBS for CSI and ESPN’s HD Sport Center (two-way tie)

Best DTV Journalism: HDTV Insider

Best Industry DTV Leadership: Peter Fannon, Panasonic Corporation of North America

Best Government DTV Leadership: John McCain, U.S. Senate

Best Retail DTV Leadership: Best Buy

The annual DTV Awards are independently voted on and bestowed by the DTVAcademy — a select group of 203 individuals who have played a significant role in the decade-long effort to make digital television a reality for consumers. The DTVAcademy represents excellence in all aspects of digital content development and delivery, analog-to-digital transition leadership and the manufacture of high-definition television (HDTV) products. More than half of the 203 DTVAcademy members are individuals outside the consumer electronics industry.