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DTS Makes TV Inroads

Calabasas, Calif. — Select North American-market Panasonic TVs for the first time will come equipped with DTS 2.0+Digital Out.

This technology that enables a TV to decode and play back DTS-encoded audio content and transmit a multi-channel stream to connected audio systems such as A/V receivers and soundbars.

By incorporating DTS 2.0+Digital Out, Panasonic’s TVs will be able to play of DTS-encoded content from the TV’s built-in audio system, DTS said. As a result, Panasonic TVs will be able to play back future IP-based video streamed with DTS soundtracks.

DTS 2.0+Digital Out also allows the TV to digitally pass a DTS-encoded audio feed to any connected audio system, DTS said.

The technology will appear in Panasonic’s new ZT60-, VT60-, ST60-, S60- and X60-series plasma TVs and the WT60-, DT60-, ET60-, E60- and EM60-series LCD TVs.

This news follows the International CES announcement by Samsung that it is including a suite of DTS technologies in its 8000- and 9000-series TVs. The suite, called Premium Sound HD, decodes multiple DTS multichannel technologies, including DTS Express, a low-bit-rate multichannel audio codec designed for streaming services and the secondary audio channel of Blu-ray discs. Premium Sound HD also delivers front-rendered surround sound, adds depth to sound, and takes a two-channel stream and converts it to DTS 5.1 for passthrough to an A/V receiver or active soundbar, a DTS spokesman explained.