DSI Speeds Dealer Rebate Claims

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Dallas - DSI Systems, a leading national distributor of HDTVs, satellite equipment and accessories, has a program in place that addresses lengthy reimbursement wait-times for consumer instant rebates.

DSI's online rebate-claim process, developed in 2009, allows dealers to make their rebate-reimbursement claim directly through the distributor rather than the manufacturer. The process allows a dealer to receive the reimbursement at the end of the rebate program, instead of the typical waiting period of weeks or even months.

Instant rebates have proven popular with consumers, and manufacturers are increasingly utilizing the programs to drive sales. But the lag time for dealer reimbursements â€” due, vendors said, to the complicated nature of the programs â€” has created a cash drain for retailers that has proven insurmountable for some. Jon Myer, former president/CEO of MyerEmco, said his 55-year-old business failed in part due to repayment delays that, in a sense, forced the chain to finance manufacturers.

DSI president Doug Robison said several of the distributor's largest TV manufacturers are currently participating in the program, and that DSI is continuing to work with manufacturers to expand participation.

"DSI Systems continually looks for ways to increase profitability and efficiency for our dealers so that they can spend their time selling to consumers," Robison said.

To utilize DSI's online rebate-claim process, dealers need to be authorized to sell the participating manufacturers' lines, must purchase eligible models from DSI, and have a DSI Web site log-in.

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