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Ontario, Calif. — Flat-panel TV and IT products supplier SOYO Group said it has reached a distribution deal with Direct Response Financial Services (DRFS) to carry a select large-screen LCD TVs.

DRFS, which is billed as a “provider of services and products to consumers underserved by the banking industry and credit markets,” will make the SOYO TVs available through its “Direct2own division” and online at The company will offer special financing terms to consumers with a wide range of credit backgrounds.

The company will begin selling a new 32W-inch HD LCD TV, SOYO said. The TVs will be matched with DVD players, surround sound packages and wall-mounting units among other upgrades and features, DRFS said.

SOYO said DRFS will also carry a 42W-inch LCD TV model when it becomes available for resale.

“Because the SOYO TV can function as a computer monitor as well as a TV, our customers will be able to match this TV to computers that we sell giving them a large screen for their entertainment needs regardless of whether the content source is the via Internet, satellite, or cable television,” said Devin Lorier, Direct2own marketing managing director.

“As we innovate our product line, Direct2own will be one of the first resellers given the chance to market our products because of their like-minded marketing strategies for new product introductions to the buying public,” said Larry Ma, SOYO sales director.